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Melinda Hsu Taylor. Jake offers Martin the next number, 9. Jake releases a kite into the air and they follow it into the city, leading it to the man's apartment. Martin surveys Sarah's datebook to see that she was to visit a jeweler on September 5. The number 22 figures in this episode as Jake's evaluation draws near, but mainly as a fractal pattern instead of just a number. The number leads Martin to a bus and a young woman named Mirasol seeking revenge on the man who murdered her family. Teller tries to reach out to Maggie, his daughter, who works as a nurse at Memorial Hospital.

Meanwhile, a dishonest man tries to measure up to his daughter's wealthy stepfather, and two rebellious Middle Eastern girls take a road trip, and find a woman about to give birth. Martin and Clea team up to learn more about her past and her mother. Will, a jazz-loving businessman, meets a woman and ends up with her seat on flight He then survives a plane crash long enough to save Clea's mother's life. The woman he met realizes she narrowly escaped death and decides to have a baby.

Teller visits Jake at a facility and learns that all the numbers are part of the "Amelia Sequence", but soon after that is found dead in his car. Meanwhile Jake adds a 6 to Gwyneth Horder Payton. Martin finds a key labeled that Teller left to Jake before he died. Natalie, a hopeless romantic who owns a video blog, tries to help Paolo, an Italian young man, to find a French girl he had briefly met, Celeste. Jake's aunt, Abigail, comes to the facility and tries to take custody over Jake.

Martin follows the number on the key to a poker game, in which he must win in order to get information from another player. Jake gives Martin another pattern, this time a triangle in cat's cradle. With it and the number , Martin must reunite a mother, father and twin sisters after they were separated by a corrupt obstetrician years ago. Meanwhile, an astronaut, named Allegra, desperately tries to regain comm with her fellow astronaut, Gio, who exited the International Space Station in order to fix a malfunction.

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Michael Waxman. At the facility, Jake makes a melody on a computer tablet using the numbers Martin takes Jake out for the day but discovers that Jake has picked up a gun from the city streets. Martin is frustrated with Jake until he realizes the gun is labeled with the same number, This number leads them to a year-old troubled young man named Elliot, whose brother Andre is crippled and mute due to brain damage.

Elliot must deal with a corrupted parole officer which causes Martin to intervene. Meanwhile, Felipe Louis Ferreira , a Portuguese guitarist with dreams of living and playing music in New York, sells his guitar to share a life with Yarah Linara Washington , a Brazilian woman. When Martin is mistaken for a criminal, he must involve himself with a heist crew in order to win back an innocent dock worker's job, but more is at stake than he realizes. Clea uncovers some surprising documents about Jake, while Martin and his late wife's sister, Abigail Catherine Dent meet to make a pivotal decision.

Nelson McCormick. Story by: Jonathan I. Martin and Abigail join forces as Aster Corp's interest in Jake increases; connections are revealed between events that seem unrelated. Martin finds proof that Amelia's death was faked, but he is attacked and robbed. Martin loses custody of Jake, apparently with Clea's cooperation. On the day Jake is to be transferred to a distant facility, Clea arranges his escape. Martin and Jake leave the city with help from Avram and Randall and travel to California.

In the bonus episode, Martin's car mysteriously breaks down in the town where he got his start as a reporter. When he begins to suspect that his mentor is involved in illegal activities, he risks breaking up their friendship in order to search for the truth. Martin meets Amelia's mother Lucy Maria Bello , who has been looking for her daughter for three years. Jake's numbers lead them to a motel with a mysterious man and, presumably, Amelia inside. Martin and Amelia's captor fight after she apparently escapes.

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The man is able to flee in a car, from which Martin writes the plate number. Martin asks his news syndicate contact Trevor Wilcox Greg Ellis to track down the car. Calvin, believing he is close to discovering the god sequence, wishes to quit Aster as he knows the company will not use the sequence in a good way. Lawyer Pearl informs him that he will lose everything, work included, if he quits. Martin is able to access Pearl's computer to find Jake's recent numbers—, an address where they find the private detective and the runaway girl, who reveals that she is Pearl's illegitimate daughter.

Jake finds a map in the girl's backpack that she claims another girl gave her on the beach. Trevor's hacker Reuben Ray Santiago informs Martin that Pearl's computer contained death certificates of people with their dates of death left blank, one of which was Jake's. At home, Calvin talks with the real Amelia, who asks him to let her go, while he claims her birth parents gave her up.

After seeing Calvin's breakdown online, Martin views him as a common Aster Corps enemy and wishes to speak with him. Knowing that reaching Calvin will be difficult, Martin turns his attention to Vikash Nayar Dileep Rao , a man interested in Calvin as an employee. Martin learns Vikash's father has been kidnapped and ultimately saves Vikash at botched ransom drop. The drop was supposed to be a way for Vikash to be killed, due to his involvement with Calvin and taking his money from Aster Corps.

Vikash and his father are reunited when Jake secretly places Martin's phone onto Vikash's person. Martin and Lucy track it to where the men are to be executed. He informs the captors the police are on the way, and they let the two men go.

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Meanwhile, Jake meets a girl named Soleil Isabella Acres at an amusement park and rides a ride with her, since her mother gets sick on them. He later ends up at Soleil's school where he meets her grandfather Carl Randy Oglesby , who has been seen as the boyfriend of Frances Linda Gehringer. Sanford Bookstaver.

Calvin messages Martin an address where they will meet. Martin asks Trevor's advice and is made a journalist of his news syndicate, not only as a cover but also as a job. Calvin tells Martin he should also talk to an Aster Corps international sales employee Mallory Kane Audrey Marie Anderson that has also become disenchanted with the company.

However, Mallory has been captured on the border of Pakistan and is about to be taken to a remote prison, possibly on orders from Aster Corps. Meanwhile, Jake helps Lucy track down another connection to Amelia. A military soldier informs them that his mother, who had a gift similar to Amelia's and Jake's, had been killed. Lucy and Jake talk to the soldier's aunt.

She had witnessed the attack and tried to fight off the assailant by stabbing him in the neck. The grieving aunt, Jake and Lucy are helped by Nazim Farzat Sanjay Chandani , a passing driver who is later revealed to be the contact Martin needs to free the trapped employee. Lucy then shows Martin a group photo with her and Amelia that Jake had found.

In the photo's background is Guillermo Ortiz with a scarred neck. Lucy knows he is the one who killed the mother and fears for Amelia's and Jake's safety. Calvin arrives home to greet his mother Frances and Amelia, asking her if she is ready to work. Jennifer Johnson. This action reveals that Calvin has Amelia, who is shown to be wired to a pachinko machine to predict its results. After previously being told by Martin to not go to the police, Lucy goes to the police about Amelia. However, she is perceived by them to be crazy.

Jake's popularity at school grows, leading Soleil to announce they are a couple.