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Similarly, Uranus may suffer from excessive optimism, although this is also the source of its great boldness. One of the effects is that it makes the person highly opinionated, while tending to attract to fantastic ideas, lacking intrinsic cohesion in and of themselves. Uranus influences give great courage, an intellectual disposition. It is adventuresome by nature, experimental and usually quite humorous.

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Uranians are people who seek to bring experiences to society, open it up to higher potentials and the possibility of evolvement. In this light, Uranus individuals often attract to leadership positions.

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People with a prominent Uranus tend to appear rather wild. It makes the individual more outgoing and sociable, often more adventurous as well. Uranus also desensitises the personality, but may render it erratic.

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In this way, it also strengthens it. It can make a person seem quite remote, as they often have difficulty on the more intimate, personal level. They may have many barriers inside and be unwilling to compromise with their worldview. The Uranian personality The Uranian personality is one that is strongly influenced by Uranus through strong aspects to the sun and to a lessened degree to the moon, and even lesser to Mercury.

They like to discuss unusual things and peculiar situations. Whereas they seem to be open individuals, they can be somewhat remote and have difficulty keeping a conversation with people that are not of same quality. They tend to be more positive and optimistic than other people may be excepted by very afflicted charts. In non-natal charts Uranus can symbolise something new coming into the picture, something unexpected that breaks the pattern. It can reflect new experiences, a bold exploration of uncharted territories or alternatively it can bring new, uncharacteristic instinctual responses to situations.

Uranus-influenced people to find themselves in the following fields.

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Examination of other influences in the chart may point to a more specific field. Flight and Airport work Enterprise and adventure — especially with a strong MarsSymbol of Mars, sometimes JupiterSymbol of Jupiter The Army — especially with men, especially in places where conscription or attractive benefits are available to draw them in.

Leadership Entertainment and Media, comedy Computers and Technology — especially with earthy personalities or NeptuneSymbol of Neptune influences, together with a strong Mercury status. Capricorn Uranus can be restless or impulsive. They may act before they think it through.

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They can be stubborn, eccentric and radical. They are good at balancing ambition, independence and their intellectual abilities.