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Gemini Despair and Cruelty 9 " Swords. One more Decan than the others. Sun 1. Virgo Prudence 8 of Pentacles. Scorpio Pleasure 6 " Cups. Capricorn Earthly Power 4 of Pentacles. Aries Established Strength 3 " Wands. Gemini Ruin 10 " Swords. Venus 1. Virgo Material Gain 9 of Pentacles. Scorpio Illusionary Success 7 " Cups. Aquarius Defeat 5 " Swords. Aries Perfected Work 4 " Wands. Cancer Love 2 " Cups.

Mercury 1. Virgo Wealth 10 of Pentacles. Sagittarius Swiftness 8 " Wands. Aquarius Earned Success 6 " Swords. Taurus Material Trouble 5 " Pentacles. Cancer Abundance 3 " Cups. Moon 1. Libra Peace Restored 2 of Swords. Sagittarius Great Strength 9 " Wands.

Aquarius Unstable Effort 7 " Swords. Taurus Material Success 6 " Pentacles. There being thirty-six Decans and seven Planets, it follows that one of the latter must rule over one more Decan than the others. This is the Planet Mars, to which are allotted the last Decan of Pisces, and the first of Aries, because the long cold of the winter requires a great energy to overcome it, and initiate spring.

Here follow the general meanings of the small cards of the suits, as classified under the nine Sephiroth below Kether. Therefore do they generally imply the initiation and fecundation of a thing. The central symbol on each card. Action definitely commenced for good or evil.

Ultimate success or failure is otherwise shewn. HB:NTzCh Generally shew a force transcending the Material Plane: and is like unto a Crown; which, indeed, is powerful, but requireth one capable of wearing it. The Sevens then shew a possible result: which is dependent on the action then taken. They depend much on the symbols that accompany them. Executive power, because they restore a firm basis.

Powerful for good or evil. The matter thoroughly and definitely determined. Ultimating Force. They are clasped together in the grip of the First Order, "i. One wand is upright in the middle; the others cross each other. Flames leap from the point of junction. Above the middle wand is the sign Saturn, and below is that of Leo: thus representing the Decante.

Violent strife and boldness, rashness, cruelty, violence, lust, desire, prodigality and generosity; depending on whether the card is well or ill dignified. It will be seen that this is how the meanings have been done; but the advanced student can go beyond this rude working. TWO hands in grip as the last, holding six wands crossed three and three. Flames issue from the point of junction. Above and below are short wands with flames issuing, surmounted respectively by the symbols of Jupiter and Leo, representing the Decan.

Victory after strife: Love: pleasure gained by labour: carefulness, sociability and avoiding of strife, yet victory therein: also insolence, and pride of riches and success, etc. The whole dependent on the dignity. TWO hands holding by grip six wands, three crossed. A third hand issuing from a cloud at the lower part of the card, holding an upright wand which passes between the others.

Above and below the central wand are the symbols of Mars and Leo, representing the Decan. Possible victory, depending on the energy and courage exercised; valour; opposition, obstacles and difficulties, yet courage to meet them; quarrelling, ignorance, pretence, and wrangling, and threatening; also victory in small and unimportant things: and influence upon subordinates.

A WHITE Radiating Angelic Hand, issuing from a cloud, and grasping a branch of a rose tree, with four white roses thereon, which touch only the four lowermost Pentacles. No rosebuds even, but only leaves, touch the four uppermost disks. All the Pentacles are similar to that of the Ace, but without the Maltese cross and wings. They are arranged like the geomantic figure Populus. Above and below them are the symbols Sun and Virgo for the Decan. Over-careful in small things at the expense of great: "Penny wise and pound foolish": gain of ready money in small sums; mean; avaricious; industrious; cultivation of land; hoarding, lacking in enterprise.

Venus and Virgo above and below. Complete realization of material gain, good, riches; inheritance; covetous; treasuring of goods; and sometimes theft and knavery. The whole according to dignity. Yesod of HB:H Inheritance, much increase of goods. AN Angelic Hand, holding by the lower extremity a branch whose roses touch all the Pentacles. No buds, however, are shewn. Completion of material gain and fortune; but nothing beyond: as it were, at the very pinnacle of success.

Old age, slothfulness; great wealth, yet sometimes loss in part; heaviness; dullness of mind, yet clever and prosperous in money transactions. Two crossed swords, like the air dagger of a Z. Upon the point where the two cross is a rose of five petals, emitting white rays.

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Contradictory characters in the same nature, strength through suffering; pleasure after pain. Sacrifice and trouble, yet strength arising therefrom, symbolized by the position of the rose, as though the pain itself had brought forth beauty. Arrangement, peace restored; truce; truth and untruth; sorrow and sympathy. Aid to the weak; arrangement; justice, unselfishness; also a tendency to repetition of affronts on being pardoned; injury when meaning well; given to petitions; also a want of tact, and asking question of little moment; talkative.

Chokmah of Vau. Quarrel made up, yet still some tension in relations: actions sometimes selfish, sometimes unselfish. THREE White Radiating Angelic Hands, issuing from clouds, and holding three swords upright as though the central sword had struck apart the two others, which were crossed in the preceding symbol : the central sword cuts asunder the rose of five petals, which in the previous symbol grew at the junction of the swords; its petals are falling, and no white rays issue from it.

Disruption, interruption, separation, quarrelling; sowing of discord and strife, mischief-making, sorrow and tears; yet mirth in Platonic pleasures; singing, faithfulness in promises, honesty in money transactions, selfish and dissipated, yet sometimes generous: deceitful in words and repetitions; the whole according to dignity.

The rose of five petals with white radiations is reinstated on the point of their intersection. Rest from sorrow; yet after and through it. Peace from and after war. Relaxation of anxiety. Quietness, rest, ease and plenty, yet after struggle. Goods of this life; abundance; modified by dignity as is usual.

Leaves only, and no buds, surmount them. These lotus stems ascend between the cups in the manner of a fountain, but no water flows therefrom; neither is there water in any of the cups, which are somewhat of the shape of the magical instrument of the Zelator Adeptus Minor. Death, or end of pleasure: disappointment, sorrow and loss in those things from which pleasure is expected.

Sadness, treachery, deceit; ill-will, detraction; charity and kindness ill requited; all kinds of anxieties and troubles from unsuspected and unexpected sources. Geburah of HB:H Disappointment in love, marriage broken off, unkindness of a friend; loss of friendship. AN Angelic Hand, as before, holds a group of stems of water-lilies or lotuses, from which six flowers bend, one over each cup.

From these flowers a white glistening water flows into the cups as from a fountain, but they are not yet full. Above and below are Sun and Scorpio referring to the Decan. Commencement of steady increase, gain and pleasure; but commencement only. Also affront, detection, knowledge, and in some instances contention and strife arising from unwarranted self-assertion and vanity.

Sometimes thankless and presumptuous; sometimes amiable and patient. According to dignity as usual. THE seven cups are arranged as two descending triangles above a point: a hand, as usual, holds lotus stems which arise from the central lower cup. The hand is above this cup and below the middle one. With the exception of the central lower cup, each is overhung by a lotus flower, but no water falls from these into any of the cups, which are all quite empty.

Above and below are the symbols of the Decanate Venus and Scorpio. Possible victory, but neutralized by the supineness of the person: illusionary success, deception in the moment of apparent victory. Lying, error, promises unfulfilled. Drunkenness, wrath, vanity. Lust, fornication, violence against women, selfish dissipation, deception in love and friendship.

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Often success gained, but not followed up. Modified as usual by dignity. Netzach of HB:H Lying, promises unfulfilled; illusion, deception, error; slight success at outset, not retained. They hold eight wands, crossed four with four. Surmountin he small wands with flames issuing down them, and placed in the centre at the top and bottom of the card respectively, are the symbols of Mercury and Sagittarius for the Decan. Too much force applied too suddenly. Very rapid rush, but quickly passed and expended. Violent, but not lasting. Swiftness, rapidity, courage, boldness, confidence, freedom, warfare, violence; love of open air, field-sports, gardens and meadows.

Generous, subtle, eloquent, yet somewhat untrustworthy; rapacious, insolent, oppressive. Theft and robbery. According to dignity. FOUR hands, as in the previous symbol, holding eight wands crossed four and four; but a fifth hand at the foot of the card holds another wand upright, which traverses the point of junction with the others: flames leap herefrom. Above and below are the symbols Moon and Sagittarius. Tremendous and steady force that cannot be shaken.

Herculean strength, yet sometimes scientifically applied. Great success, but with strife and energy. Victory, preceded by apprehension and fear.